New Report : Printed Electronics for Healthcare, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals 2014-2024 : Market Research Industy

Printed electronics for healthcare and beauty encompasses stretchable, flexible, conformal and sometimes biodegradable electronics and electrics. It is very thin and lightweight, even in hybrid constructions that, for now, incorporate conventional integrated circuits (IC), light emitting diodes (LED) and other chips in a partly printed device in order to perform functions not yet possible with entirely printed surfaces. Saving up to 40% of cost, space and weight and making new things possible are typical achievements. This is the only up to date, comprehensive report on this rapidly emerging technology and covers; electronic medical implants, patches, disposables, and drug and cosmetic dispensing: stretchable, flexible, wide area, low cost, disposable electronics. It looks at how technologies such as NFC are impacting healthcare provision.

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Table of Contents
1.1. Dramatic widespread benefits
1.2. RFID forecasts
2.1. Market drivers
2.1.1. Changing lifestyles
2.2. Brands add uniques that retailers cannot easily copy
2.2.1. Needs of institutions
2.2.2. Legislation and de facto legislation
2.2.3. Massive challenges in the third world
2.3. Meeting the market needs
2.4. What is printed electronics?
2.4.1. Background
2.4.2. Stretchable Electronics
2.4.3. Rollable electronics
2.4.4. Foldable electronics
2.4.5. Edible electronics
2.4.6. Interactive paper
2.4.7. Ubiquitous Sensor Networks
2.4.8. Electronic packaging
2.4.9. Conformal electronics / electronic wallpaper
2.4.10. Wearable and very portable electronics
2.4.11. Old concepts revisited – fault tolerant electronics, hard programmed electronics
2.4.12. Electronics without circuits
2.5. The technical needs for printed electronics
2.5.1. Replacing and enhancing conventional print
2.5.2. Replacing the silicon chip
2.5.3. Replacing conventional displays
2.5.4. Replacing conventional lighting
2.5.5. Transforming the human interface and new forms of safety and security
2.5.6. New forms of amusement and merchandising
2.5.7. New forms of drug delivery
2.5.8. Products that are light, rugged and extremely low cost
2.6. Smart locations
2.7. Industries that need to collaborate
2.8. Value chain and life beyond plastic electronics
2.9. Interim products with silicon chips
2.10. Impediments to printed electronics

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